Monday, July 25, 2011

Catching up !

One day....ONE DAY !!! ...Motivation of the day

Hey Ya'll

Ok so guess what? I have worked out at least 3x a week , I have been slacking on the portion control ...promise to get better...PINKY SWEAR !!!, lol . Some how I still managed to lose one pound this week( SHOCKER ! ). Surprinsingly my body fat percentage has dropped A LOT ! . My total weight loss since early June is 9 lbs. YES ! As I approached the scale I really thought I was going to be back at my original weight. Thank Goodness I was not !

On another note, My mother is coming to visit... bringing back my little "ladybug" Sophie and I hope she notices a difference. There better be an obvious difference by November. Not only is it my big 30, but my hubby's company X-mas party will be around the corner and he wants to "show me off"....Pressure, What pressure?, LOL

Here is something I have been considering. Netflix, is on some bogus trip ...wanting to raise the fee (approx $17) for thee service that I am getting now at $10 or $12. I think I will cancel this and Join weight watchers instead. Good idea right !?!
Ugh,I dread it but I have to get into it with a positive thought.

Wish me luck !

Love ya !

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tisk Tisk

Guilt guilt Guilt. I have been LAZY and I am guilty as charged. Don't think I have not been working out. I still did so, however I didn't really push myself as hard as I should. I'm starting to be the "all talk, no action" girl and I don't like it. I have been 100% into my daughter since I was getting her ready for her summer vacation with the gramps. I now have me time, and although I miss her terribly, I am excited for new focus.

I created a Motivation folder which has been saved on my desktop. I really lights a fire under my Booty and gets me in the ZONE ! speaking of which, I am gonna get to that Folder right now !

My hubby and I are going to try out the ABS diet together (well, sort of )! I now have a health buddy, Yay !. Like I said before, following diets it's a pain. I won't do it to the T, but I will follow it's principles.

Which diets have you tried? I would love to hear about your experience.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sharing Cool things.

Motivation of the Day!

I've been M.I.A for a few but i'm back to my blog and most importantly to my routine.
Over the past few days my appetite sorta diminished...strange. I would think it sort of compensates for the fact that I didn't work out in the last 4 days, but I does not really.I bet I slowed down my metabolism somewhat.

Whatever though, It's in the past. I can only look forward and make up for it.
I only lost one pound this week again and i'm not a happy camper. At this rate i'll reach my goal ...let me think, Uuummmm, NEVER.
My new goal is to lose at least TWO per week. Crossing my fingers.

Tonight I did my Zumba 45minutes. GREAT workout, as always. I'll switch it up tomorrow. It'll be either running or P90X.

Take some time to look at my fun list below.

Things I LOVE this week.

Check out her Website
Pic of Jillian Michaels ....BOGUS before and After Pic.

So Delicious Coconut Milk

This milk is light in flavor, and creamy. I love it ! but I drink only a cup in small sips, like a cocktail. Jillian Michaels is the So delicious Coconut Milk Spokesperson. They also make ice creams , Yogurts and Sorbets. I can't wait to try them!


Since i'm growing fond of cooking, I will be growing my own little herb garden.
It really makes a HUGE difference when you cook with Fresh ingredients.
I'm VERY excited about this one.

Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

4.My Sweet Reward. I have been aching to go here, however it is very expensive. I have set this resort to be a BIG reward when I feel it's DUE. Perhaps when I lose 30lbs.
I visit the site Daily, I'M NOT KIDDING !

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Know these rules !

Via Click on image to enlarge
(I was able to do this pose 8 yrs ago at Yoga class in college, I will master it again! You'll see...Motivation pic of the day! )

As I surf the web I find a VERY interesting article from Trusted Hands.
It discusses the food you should and should not combine for proper digestion.
I was surprised at all of the interesting and valuable information I gained from the read.

Here are a few of them
1.Did you know that you should eat fruits alone ( or with a small portion of nuts?.....say a ration of 80:20, fruits to nuts) Why? because fruits are digested so fast that if you combine with other foods like meats and starches, which take longer to digest, the fruits will rot and ferment....Bad smells coming outta ya'
FYI- melons digest faster than any food.

2. Another thing is to not mix starches with your proteins. For example Chicken with rice, or rice with beans( a popular one amongst Latinos). I mean, what the heck! I've been eating rice beans and chicken together since I learned to chew pretty much. The combo sit in the body for too long and produce a climate for toxins and auto intoxification. They are also acid forming (no wonder I get so much heartburn!). Waste acids that are not eliminated are re-absorbed from the colon into the liver and put back into general circulation. Combine meats or starches with vegetables and salad. This is so good to know right ?!?

Below is a great chart I found online that you can slap on the fridge door for a quick reference.
Via Click on image to enlarge

Now that you know what foods to combine for proper digestion. Below are other foods and other essential things that boost your metabolism.....pave the way to a slimmer , healthier YOU.

Via Click on image to enlarge

Via Click on image to enlarge

Alright you guys, Be sure to visit the link attached (above) for more info on food combining, or Google the term " Rules for combining food". You'll learn a lot.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Music Video + Best motivation tips...Must read.

(Today's Motivation)

Hey Guys
I just finished making my first fruit pops. It's vanilla lemon sweetened with Splenda. It's so hot today and these are perfectly refreshing, healthy and Deeeeelicious.

I have so much to talk about and share with you guys, Where do I start?

So last night I realized how my endurance has improved. In the beginning I was only able to do 20 minutes of Zumba, Now I work out non-stop for over an hour !
By the time I am done I am drenched and feeling FAB ! Pretty soon I will be doing an hour of Zumba after my two laps. You'll see.

One of the difficult things with setting goals is keeping your focus. I promised myself that I will NOT STOP until i reach my goal which is to go back to 135lbs.
With that said I brainstormed of ways to keep motivated.
Here is a list I compiled , hopefully these tips can help you as well.

Best Motivation tips

1.Clothes and Pics : Keep your Skinny clothes and old pictures around you as a reminder of your goal.
2.Document your weight loss by writing it down. I personally jot down my weight, Fat percentage, BMI and measurements. (Do it weekly)
3.Excercise :at least 45 minutes a day. You have to , why? because you owe it to your body. You want to feel and look good about yourself right? You'll notice how you'll adapt and your body will ask for it . If it's important to you ,You will find a way. If not , you will find an excuse. It's best to do it early and get it over with. I personally will try to change my work out time to the A.M. This will be the tough part since i already wake up at 6:15 A.M.
4.Set realistic goals: A little at a time. Don't set yourself up for disappointment by setting unrealistic goals. 1-2 lbs a week.
5.Reward yourself whenever you accomplish a goal. Not with guilt loaded foods, but say a manicure, a facial, new clothes, a book.
6. Buy cute workout clothes. It will motivate you to exercise more.
7. Get into Character : Get in the mindset that you have been eating right and working out for years, that you are this athletic person. Soon it will become a reality and people will believe that you are this New person as well. You will have a reputation to OWN .
8. Tell People about your goals. You can build a support team and now have to be accountable....BIG PUSH ! It's a win win for all. Publicity and positive peer pressure are amazing for weight loss. Motivate yourself by motivating others.
9.Take a class : You can make friends with the same goals as you and you have a schedule to follow as well. Teachers and classmates are expecting you to show up and DO YOUR THING ! try the Zumba classes, boxing, spinning....options are endless.
10.Keep away from people that have bad habits if you feel that you can fall off the bad wagon.

SIDE NOTE : In case you were wondering, I've lost a total of 9 pounds since starting my blog less than a month ago. During the first week I lost 7 lbs and in the last two weeks I lost a pound a week. I know it's a big difference, but I know most of the weight loss during week one was water weight.
This week coming up I will add time to my exercise and lay off mangoes, avocados and carbs which are things that I over ate in the last two weeks.

MUEVETE ! (Translation : Move it! )
Here is a Video to Dance too - Shakira's "Rabiosa". If only I could get her ridiculous abs. She looks great in this video. She is definitely one my celeb motivators.