Monday, June 20, 2011

Time management and Eating out ...

Today's motivation to get your work out in.

I gotta keep these kind of images around me, as a reminder...

Today I did so-so. I feel like I've been slowly pushing myself less, a HUGE NO-NO. I gotta snap out of it and get drill sergeant style on myself. I'm my worse critic and I have set really HIGH expectations for myself. I don't know how realistic they are but I refuse to let myself down. It's such a bad feeling.

On the weekends I find that food preparation is not so much of a challenge as opposed to weekdays.
I'm so tired when I come home from work. Then every other day I cook, or Juan cooks (Most times it's me). Aside from cooking, the baby needs to be fed, bathed, put to bed, etc.
By the time I'm "free" it's super late. Then I'm like "darn I have to work out", Jumping jacks at this time, Really?!?" . I usually end up just doing a lot of of sit ups or other silent exercises. It sucks because I really want to feel like I worked out and gave it my all.

With that said, I am going to TRY to get my workout in during the A.M, before heading to work. Again, I said TRY, so lets see how this goes. I'm such a sleepy head. This is going to be a BIG challenge.

Another common challenge is eating out. I'm sure many of you who are dieting find your choices to be slim to none when it comes to healthy alternatives.
Well, Juan mentioned a spot located so close to home. It's called Muscle Maker Grill .It carries a wide variety of freshly made dishes ranging from Italian, Tex -Mex and Asian. The owner is a personal fitness trainer who turned his restaurant into a franchise in 07. Hopefully there is one near you. I personally can not wait to try out their food.

Do you have any favorite healthy(ish) dishes you order when eating out? Any recommendations?

Now, time to WORK OUT ! Just freestylin it tonight with my weights, weight ball, matt and other gear.... no running, no P90X no Zumba. I wish it weren't so late.

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