Friday, June 24, 2011

Think Happy Thoughts

Happy Friday Lovelies !..excuse me while I take a tiny sip of my red wine.
Can you believe I haven't tasted alcohol in over two weeks !?!
I have to treat myself while celebrating the fact that it's the end of a hectic week.
I did my workout.... exercising every part of my body except my ears maybe, lol.
I freestyled it with weights trying out a lot of arm, abs and booty workout moves during another late workout. I couldn't really try cardio moves. You see, unexpected (but welcomed) guest stopped by while I was getting ready for my workout before dinner. It kind of threw my schedule off track, but it was so nice having them over.

The minute they saw me, they noticed the weight loss and I thought "Really?!", with a smile as if I slept with a hanger in my mouth, LOL ...ear to ear.
I know I would've lost more weight if I pushed myself more this week, but like I said, I did slack somewhat, and for that reason I feel like I shouldn't even weigh myself this week.

My workout matt and weights will remain on the floor waiting for me tomorrow morning, then it's off to the park for my laps.
I am pumped !

Here are a few tips I will always remember while I try to lose weight.

1. If it's sweet, but not fruit, It's NOT breakfast .

2. Keep an eye on the serving size. Somethings might claim to be low fat, but when you eat more then you should, is it is still low fat? Will you be satisfied with the serving size you should take.

3. Sugar creates more cravings. I have tested this, and it's TRUE, cut back on sugar slowly. Before you know it, you wont even miss it.

4. Water, Water and more WATER ... (see pic below)

5. My favorite
When you show others that nothing is holding you back, NOTHING WILL !

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