Monday, June 13, 2011

Manic Monday

"Manic Monday" (as my boss likes to call it), You made me sweat! Crazy doesn't begin to describe my work day today. I was running around so much I was literally sweating !Calories were burned indeed. Oh and to make things more interesting I did all the running around in heels. Yeah, Juan is on foot rub duty tonight. He's amazing at those.

I packed a plain, non-fat Chobani yogurt and my bottle of honey to drizzle over for breakfast, I packed a lean cuisine for lunch (I rather eat hay) , celery sticks and a part- skim mozzarella stick for mid morning and mid afternoon snacks. I barely sat down at my desk all day. I missed breakfast, and got to eat only 1/2 of my lean cuisine . I did manage to eat the cheese stick at around 5 pm. Overall, NOT GOOD !

I refuse to let myself feel hungry .I HAVE TO prioritize myself and my body over work.
Like I said before, no excuses, therefore tomorrow (which would more than likely be just as hectic) I will carry a snack, water or green tea with me wherever I go around the office. Fanny pack?, nah, too 80's.LOL

I got home about 30-40 min late and staaaaarving ! I ate a small side of cucumber, apple and tomato salad with a one inch slice of boiled Gem squash. I measured my palm for the broiled chicken portion (remember your portion charts!) . That was dinner , a kind of late one unfortunately. I followed it with almost 40 min of P90X Legs and Back. I feel like I need to intensify it a tad tomorrow .

You should definitely look into these P90x moves. Google the videos.
"Banana Curl", "Mason Squats" and "Wall Squats"....tears and sweat will roll down your cheeks, lol. I MEAN IT !...feels great afterwards.

A little tid bit : Yesterday at the supermarket I came across Skinny Cow ice cream truffles, just 100 Calories. Not bad for a once in a while treat. It taste so good ...too good to be true, therefore going forward I'll eat 1/2 once every few days and save the rest.

I feel proud of myself once again. I got a looong way to go, but I'll get there!

I hope you dedicated some time to your health and fitness today.
NO EXCUSES, know why? Because (see image)

Are you proud of yourself today ?


  1. one proud partner. I cant wait to show you off. LOL! I'm getting shirts made for us....
    Mine saying WINNING! Yours saying Trophy! LOL
    I love you hun, and i see how hard you are working on this. It will all be worth it in the end. Now, im off to giving you that foot rub.

  2. Very sweet Mr. Juan!! I love the Garcia men. Nel, you have totally re-inspired me to stay on top of eating healthy and working out (with traveling, getting home late, running around with baby - I have been getting lazy).
    I'm in Cali, but I worked out at hotel gym yesterday, today and am planning to run tomorrow.
    Maybe we can have a zumba dance off next time you guys come over.
    Keep up the wonderful work - and I cannot wait for results day.
    One thought - I think I have measuring tape if you are interested. Sometimes the lbs don't shed as we'd like, but we lose inches and that almost counts more for success metrics.

    Proud of you xoxoxo

  3. Thats right Juan, go get busy and do some foot rubbing! She deserves every second of it! Nel, you are doing such a great job and I love the humor with the blog...sounds great! keep up the good job nd soon I will be wearing your tshirts too!

  4. I'm excited about result (Thursday) day but also a little scared. I have to keep reminding myself that it will take time. They dont just peel off.

    I have a few measuring tapes at work and at home Brenda. Thanks for offering! :0)

    Maury,I love that you love the humor on the blog. I hope it becomes another reason for readers to follow . I'm just being me. Typing as I think. You know I'm a goof ball.

  5. I LOVE the support coming from Juan. Thanks Honey. I will make you SUPER proud, but most importantly Im bringing sexy back. Holler !!!