Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Late one

Sorry for this late one. I came home very late from work with a long to-do list. I figured today should be my break from exercise. Tomorrow I will double up, pinky swear. I've worked out 5 days in a row and my body needs a break . It is Le' Tired as the French say (kidding)

Lucky for me, I have a loving honey who had a delicious healthy meal ready for me.
Salmon with pico de gallo. So delicious !

Considering the fact that it's almost midnight, and I should have been in bed already. I will have to figure out a healthy lunch to buy during work. Salad perhaps? I say YES! with a dressing on the side.

I cant wait until tomorrow,Friday. I will be making my green juice (ingredients purchased), weighing myself in the morning and also taking my measurements.... biting my nails. I'm hoping I lost inches. I don't know if my mind is playing tricks on me but my waist feels a teeny tiny bit smaller. LOL

If nothing was lost, I know that at least I am boosting my metabolism and headed in the right direction, eventually.....

Good Night Guys. Hasta MaƱana.

Here is your motivation.
WEEERK IT GURL (Beyonce) !

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  1. Hun, one day isn't bad. specially since you have been loyal to your routine for the last 5 days and you didn't break and eat junk food. Besides, letting your body rest is part of the work out routine. Love you, and im glad you liked the dinner i had waiting for you. DONT GET USED TO IT!