Saturday, June 18, 2011

I heart Green !

Hey Guys

I guess you can say that I am a late blogger.With that now established, you will see my posts a day late. I apologize for that, but I have so many things to accomplish and prioritize during the day. This morning I dedicated some time to the baby. We rolled around on the floor, played with toddler crayons
(she loves to scribble), we watched morning cartoons together and then danced our little butts off until we exhausted ourselves. later today, I decided to finally make my Green Juice while she napped away. I have to thank my honey for getting all of the fruits and veggies for me. He has been extremely supportive and I love him more for it.

I have good and bad news. The juice is AMAZING!, sounds crazy right? I imagine the confused looks on your faces, like "ewk, really?!", lol. That the Good course you know this means I will be making it frequently. The ginger gives it that little BAM !'s a must have, but just a small piece.

Now, the bad news is that my juicer is so outdated. I mean the plastic is yellowed. I think it's time to get a brand spankin' new juicer....let the research begin. I think I like the one Martha Stewart brags about on her episode about green juice. It's called the Juice Fountain Elite.
Do you have any other recommendations?

Pics of my Green Juice before and after

Later in the day I decided to go for two laps around the pond. I feel great for pushing myself and I must say the juice was such an energy boost. While I ran I kept trying to visualize myself in a red two piece with a Beyonce's Bod. I crack myself up. LOL.

A little while ago I came across this find online. Its a runner's water bottle. It holds your money, cards and all the good stuff while you run, Isn't it cool?!
It's called the Contigo AUTOSEAL Kangaroo Water Bottle with Storage Compartment(24 oz.) It's only $12 and rated 4 out of 5 stars. You can find it on in a variety of colors. I might just order one for myself.

Well, this brings me to the end of my post.
I now leave you with a little THINspiration (aahh you like that right?, Lol)
If you have any cool item that you want to share with me , please do. I love hearing about cool new gadgets, recipes, beauty, weight loss tips....all that good stuff.
Have a lovely weekend . Happy Father's day to the special men in our lives.


  1. Your green concoction looks delish! I think I will give it a try - especially since I love all of the ingredients you included.

  2. Add some banana. I tossed in 1/2 ....makes a big diff.