Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fridge Makeover

What's in your Fridge?

Mine is super low on the good stuff, so I have to stock up PRONTO !
While I started to put together a list of items to buy tomorrow (hopefully),I came across some great tips for organizing the fridge and cleaning your fruits and veggies .Check these out.

Cleaning Tips
Did you know that pesticides are created to be water resistant? therefore, you really gotta take time to rinse them well. Water is not enough to get the chemicals off (they are meant to stay on even when it rains). A homemade tip is to clean them with Water and vinegar,or you can buy a rinse called Environne. It is an award winning non toxic, bio degradable product.
Another alternative product is FIT. To learn more you can visit the FIT site

Fridge tips !
When you return home from your grocery shopping, Arrange your fridge so that the healthier items are the most visible, Have snacks already washed , diced and prepped to grab and go. Also it's great to grab half of your prepped fruits and freeze them for yummy smoothies. They will also last longer.

Don't freeze your store packaged meat right after you get home. Waiting for it to defrost and breaking it apart can be a pain in the you know what, not to mention time consuming, UGH !
My recommendation is to take a little time to separate your pieces, wash (and pre- season, if desired) Store them separately in zip locks, THEN you put it away in the freezer. One thing Juan and I started to do is to purchase the entire (organic free range) chicken, clean, cut apart, lightly season, and Cook. We remove the skin and fat after cooking. We pull pieces apart,other portions are diced, and some big pieces of white meat are left as whole pieces. The chicken last about a week !
We put it in other meals, salads,and cook it many different ways in the... blink of an eye. Perfect for busy, working couples.

This weekend I would like to try a dish that I saw in this month's SELF magazine.
It's couscous and spinach with shrimp in an avocado-mango sauce. Pardon me while I pick up my jaw from the floor. This looks SO GOOD !
Click here for the yummy, easy recipe.
Dont you just want to try it ? Come on try it !

On a side note,I had a fantabulous workout today (patting myself on the back) I brought Sophie in her stroller during my run. She loved it. I'm now looking into Jogging strollers!...pricey little thingies aren't they?

That's it for today .
Have a great one SLENDERellas !
Stay Motivated !

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  1. Babe - I got my stroller pretty cheap ($100) and I went to amazon and they have a sale on an amazing jogging stroller for $110 check it out: http://www.amazon.com/Schwinn-Free-Runner-Jogging-Stroller/dp/B001GAPU7Q/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1308748223&sr=8-3

    You'd have to ensure the weight limit - but most are max 50 lbs - so it will last you a while (and for baby #2 :-) ). Plus it's daddy friendly.
    Gabe is used us jogging on the weekends - he has the routine down packed - he'll go to his room and point to the stroller (talk about motivation :) ).
    Anywho - keep up the great work - cannot wait to see you! *hugs*